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From the FutureFor the Future

We utilize some of the most advanced compound formula and ingredients that people may find unfamiliar with, such as NMN, Matrixyl, peptide and Liposome. They are deprived from nature and have been proven to be safe and effective by numerous clinical studies and researches. The future is here.

From the NatureFor the Nature

We are nature lovers and environmentalists who care about our mother earth. When you look up to our Ingredients Garden, you will know how much we believe in natural ingredients and formulations. We do care.

It’s All AboutWhat You Need

Our mission is to provide with what you need but not what you want. What we need are some essentials to make life flourish while what we want could make us feel anxious and restless. You may get everything essential here.

You Will BeProud to Share

When you share and when you give, you want to see the happy faces of your family and friends. Their appreciation and gratefulness make you feel proud that you made a good gift choice. The minimalism design and wow effects products make you feel proud to share with anyone.

Our Philosophy
Paring Down & Branching Out

Sense The Wellness

Our Top Selling Products


↑ NMN 10800

Our goal is to shorten the disease lifespan while prolong the healthy lifespan. NMN10800 boosts your health on a cellular level.

← The Serum

Made with science and based on nature, the Serum is responsibly formulated with a blend of many effective ingredients known to reduce the look of aging.
Sense our ingredients

Natural & Vegan +
Hi-Tech & Patented

Besides, our products are proudly formulated & produced in the United States and Canada.

Sense the future

There Are More On The Way

As our mission is to provide with what you need but not what you want, we are dedicated to providing with products which will meet our daily life needs. We will launch 30-50 products within 5 years in our 4 main product lines:

  • Skincare Basics
  • Wellness Essentials
  • Home Essentials
  • Makeup Must-haves
Products in 2022
Products in 2023
Global Dreamers & Doers

Born in Vancouver,
Aim to Expand in Toronto.

Global Dreamers & Doers

Born in Vancouver,
Aim to Expand in

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See the World now! Live your life loud!

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